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Courage Canadians

"The essential joy of being with horses is that is brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom"

The Canadian Horse is an official symbol of Canada & played an essential role in the development of Canada.   History has been written on their backs, wars have been won and lost from their backs, several horse breeds carry their bloodlines, and still to this day so few know the magic of the Canadian Horse.

In 2015 when we purchased our first Canadian Horse, Soul Ridge Taboo Ziva, we had no idea how she would change our world.   Now we are want to share the magic of the Canadian Horse with you...

Breeding & Raising

Preserving the purity

of the breed

Our program continues to grow and develop.   For 2021 we welcomed 15 foals.  Check out our For Sale page for available horses.

For 2022 we have bred 23 mares, not all yet confirmed in foal.

Why Choose Us


Commitment to the horses is our priority.  We provide them top quality care and feed.   Our horses enjoy space to graze and interact in a herd environment.  This allows the young to learn proper socialization and cues. 

We also provide regular handling of our young stock so that they have a solid foundation to serve them well in the future on whatever adventure you take them on.

Our breeding horses also all undergo training to ensure that they have the ability and minds we want to be reproducing within the breed,

Breeding Services


1. Stallion Services - We offer standing your stallion with us for a select number of stallions.   Ask us about our packages.

We are working towards being able to offer collection on site.

2. Breeding Services - Onsite breeding is available for the stallions standing with us or owner by us.  

We are working towards being able to offer AI on site.  

3. Foaling Services - Onsite foaling services is available, limited availability.   

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Alberta, Canada



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