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Mares at Courage Canadians

Soul Ridge Taboo Ziva

Black Canadian [CAN]13542

Stands 15.2hh

Born May 14th, 2012

Dam Glenminguay Prior Ulster

Sire Woodmont Propero Taboo

Foals: Courage Celtic Frank, Courage Celtic Gaia, Courage Celtic Irish

Dreams Reach Lawrence Anne (SOLD)

Black Canadian [CAN]14433

Stands 14.3hh

Born May 15th, 2013

Dam Dreams Reach Billy Stardancer

Sire Woodmont Furie Lawrence

Foals: Courage Celtic Hustlerr, Courage Dokai Illyte

Woodmont Lawrence Alistair (SOLD)

Black Canadian [CAN]14150

Stands 15hh

Born May 15th, 2013

Dam Woodmont Talismen Xpedia

Sire Woodmont Furie Lawrence

Foals: Woodmont Triton Esmerelda, Courage Celtic Heidi, Courage Dokai Isla, Courage Espresso Java

Providence Brigand Autumn (SOLD)

Chestnut Canadian [CAN]14179

Stands 15.1hh

Born Sept 15th, 2012

Dam Berthiaume Nava Prestige

Sire Joly Coco Brigand

Foals: Soul Ridge Xpression Exkaliber, Courage Celtic Hennessy, Courage Dokai Ily, Courage Dokai J-Roc

Slant Ranch Dawn Eloquence (SOLD)

Black Canadian [CAN]14808

Stands 15hh

Born May 12th, 2017

Dam Cartrs Samsum Erica

Sire Carts Blackjack Dawn


Canadian Farm Jerrycho Mary (SOLD)

Black Canadian [CAN]9713

Stands 16hh

Born September 6th, 2002

Dam Grand Meaulnes Remi Elf

Sire Du Hameau Dandy Jerrycho

Foals: Canadream Jospatriote Asuwish, Canadream Dazzler Wish-Me-Luck, Canadream Dazzler Bond-Girl, Courage Celtic Hera, Courage Dokai Ironclad

Pineview Alf Liberty (SOLD)

Bay Canadian [CAN]9187

Stands 15.3hh

Born April 28th, 2001

Dam Iron Horse Hill Velor Classic

Sire Maple Lane Midnite Rebel Alf

Foals: Green Acres Surprise Reine, Green Acres K-Sir-A-Sanchez, Blain Eros Zoey, Blain Eros Fantasia, Blain Eros Diamond, Blain Eros Centaur, Blain Eros Asterix, Blain Dapper UGrand, Blain Dapper Trait, Blain Beaumont Gallaxy, Blain Beaumont Hades, Courage Dokai Idyll

Bauge Tony Etincelle (SOLD)

Bay Canadian [CAN]6605

Stands 15hh

Born May 24th, 1995

Dam Mon Repo Elite Yvette

Sire Brandy Creek Coco Tony

Woodmont Upper-Class Yasmine (Sale Pending)

Black Canadian [CAN]13956

Stands 15.3hh

Born August 20th, 2012

Dam Paradise Lalou Etoile

Sire Woodmont Steel Upper-Class

Foals: Woodmont Athelston Esquire-2, Soul Ridge Xpression Finleigh, Bramble Hill Xpression Cisco, Courage Celtic Gliona, Courage Celtic Ioke, Courage Flloyd Jenga

Courage Amaro Hayakaze

Palomino Canadian [CAN]Z221051


Born July 12th, 2020

Dam Canadream Rubi A-Lucky-Day

Sire Metistar Taj*Mahal Amaro


Bauge Tony Heidi (Deceased)

Bay Canadian [CAN]7798

Stands 15hh

Born April 22nd, 1998

Dam Bauge Brillant Dacie

Sire Brandy Creek Coco Tony

Foals: Pendennis Faquyr Zeneta, Pendennis Faquyr Ego, Courage Dokai Jupiter

Georgie Girl (aka Flicka)

Paint x Standardbred/Percheron 

Stands 15.2hh

Born May 5th, 2006



Foals: Rickey, Courage CelticFree-Spirit, Courage Epic Inferno 

Vanroyal Dokai Halifax (Sold)

Chestnut Canadian [CAN]Z221049


Born May 23rd, 2020

Dam Lambert Lambert Willow

Sire Lou Pais Wasco*Dekharma Dokai

Stacie (SOLD)

Buckskin Quarter Horse - Grade

Stands 15.1hh

Born unknown

Foals: Courage Celtic Iris

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