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Equi-Health Canada was established in 2007 & we have been Certified to Instruct their programs since 2009!!!   Over the years we have taught all across North America, assisted in the development of new programs & taught new instructors.

The Equi-Health Canada programs are a combination of classroom learning and hands on scenarios to ensure that those taking the courses are comfortable and confident in their skills.   These programs are not meant to replace veterinarian and professional care/assistance, but to assist horse owners respond accordingly to emergencies similar to a first on scene situation.  Early intervention can mean the difference between life and death in some circumstances or prevent further injury.  

So take a look at the difference courses we offer & sign up today.   

If you do not see something in your area let us know, perhaps you want to host a course?   

We travel anywhere in North America to teach these programs at no extra cost, minimum numbers do apply.

Equine Health & Emergency First Aid Certification

During this one-day hands on course you will learn about conditioning a horse to accept treatment, how to take vital signs & what they means, injury prevention, how to recognize pain & how to assist alleviate pain, about hoof injuries & issues, how to handle a cast horse, bandaging, wound care, colic, chock, collapse, eye injuries and much more!

This program is recognized for Professional Development Credits with Equestrian Canada as well as some equine-related insurance discounts.

Cost $159/person

Includes manual for reference, vitals card & Certificate

***Part of Equi-Health Canada's Certified Safe Facility Program***

Advanced Emergency First Aid Certification


During this one-day hands on course you will learn about first responses for extreme emergency situations.   The program covers: splinting legs, sucking chest wounds, fractures, hypothermia & hyperthermia, burns, bites, poison & toxins, trapped horses, severe punctures and much more.   

The course covers the type of emergencies that a horse would not survive without human intervention.

Cost $159/person

Includes manual for reference & Certificate

***Part of Equi-Health Canada's Certified Safe Facility Program***

Advanced Emergency First Aid - Wilderness Edition

This program is similar to the Advanced Emergency First Aid Certification, but has a Wilderness component to it.   

The training covers everything from trapped horses, toxins & poisons, hyperthermia & hypothermia, tie ups, fractures, planning for the back country, weather emergencies, getting found when lost, survival and much more.

Cost $159/person

Includes manual for Reference & Certificate

First Aid Fundamentals

First Aid Fundamentals if a half-day program that covers hands on scenarios for taking vital signs, recognizing pain, detecting colic and bandaging.

Cost $89/peron

Includes reference manual

I CAN HELP! Horse First Aid for Kids

Do you have a horse crazy kid at home?   Then this is the course for them!

During the 3 Hour program the kids will learn about safety around horses & basic first aid.  We cover what to do in a first aid emergency with lots of hands on practice.   

Cost $59/person

Includes workbook for reference & Certificate

Disaster Planning & Emegency Preparedness Certification

This is a MUST for any Livestock Owner!!!!

This one-day hands on course trains you for fire prevention, planning for & executing safe evacuation procedures, hidden dangers & related first aid emergencies.  

The training covers what to do in natural disasters such as flooding, wild fires, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes & much more.

Do not find yourself unprepared!!

Cost $159/person

Includes reference manual & Certificate

***Part of Equi-Health Canada's Certified Safe Facility Program***

Safe Trailering Practices

Is your trailer safe?  Do you know what your horse is experiencing during a collision?  Do you have a plan?  Do you know your responsibilities & liabilities when involved in an accident?    How does the size and layout of your trailer effect your horses comfort & stability?  

We cover all the above & so much more, including first aid emergencies related to trailering & how to manage them.

Cost $159/person

Includes reference manual & Certificate

Horse & Livestock Emergency Management for First Responders

Many First Responders do not have experience handling livestock, yet it is something that they are called to deal with while on duty.   It may be related to loose livestock, vehicle collisions, fires, natural disasters, etcetera. 

We offer a One-Day or Two-Day option for training.  It is a combination of classroom & hands on scenarios to give first responders the knowledge and skills to safely handle livestock related calls.

Contact us for group rates for your department!

Includes a reference manual for each participant & a Certificate of Completion

Instructor Training

Courage First Aid is a licensed Affiliate of Equi-Health Canada offering Instructor Training.  Do you want to be your own boss and have the freedom to choose when and where you work?  Teaching equine first aid skills that may one day help a horse, or even save his/her life!

Upcoming Instructor Training Courses

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